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Appointment Descriptions

Patient History and Chiropractic Examination:

You will complete a patient information and history form (or you may complete this paperwork prior to your appointment as it may be found on the right side of this page). This will include a history of your present and past conditions (or those of your family member), a review of your bodily systems, and your health goals. The doctor will then review this information with you and acquire additional information. The doctor will explain why chiropractic care will be of benefit to you, what you can expect to achieve as far as your health goals, and the chiropractic care you can expect to receive. Then, you will have a chiropractic exam which could include tests for neurology, balance, strength, orthopedic function, and posture. The doctor will be feeling the bones and muscles of the spine and extremities to get a feel for ligament and muscle tone and joint position. If the doctor determines that imaging is necessary to proceed with care, you will be given a referral following this exam as we do not perform x-rays or other imaging on site. If you have recent x-rays, CT, or MRI reports and images/CD's it will be helpful to bring those when you arrive for your first appointment. 

Please allow approximately an hour for this initial examination, as the doctor is very thorough in order to provide you the best possible care. 

Your First Adjustment:

Following completion of your exam, if there are no contraindications to adjustments, you will receive your first adjustment. 

Moving into your first adjustment, the doctor will explain each step as you go. Please ask questions if you are concerned or curious! Each spinal check and adjustment begins with several questions about the progress of your health before the doctor assesses your spine. The adjustment itself is relatively quick, especially once you have been under care for a couple of visits. 

A Typical Visit:

Provided you do not have any new injuries or issues that arise, a typical visit in office will take approximately 10-15 minutes. The doctor will assess you each time you come in, and if necessary, correct any subluxations you present with at that time. The doctor may also provide you with neurological and physical rehabilitation exercises which are specific to your condition. These are to be performed at home in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your care.

Payment Options

We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card. At this time we only accept Medicare. We understand that not accepting insurance may be a reason some people choose not to seek care at our office. Some of our patients, though, choose to receive superbills from us and they then submit those to their insurance carrier directly for reimbursement. Please know that we are transparent with our fees and they are very reasonable compared to other healthcare costs.

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